Issues To Talk About

This blog’s main purpose is to understand and communicate about issues facing domestic animals around the country. As I reflect on my first two posts, I’m thinking about some things to write about in the future. Here are a few:

 Animals in the film industry. Last Thursday, We analyzed the video that began the controversy plaguing the movie “A Dog’s Purpose.” However, the video is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to issues regarding entertainment animals. We can further explore how animals are used to make the films we love, how practices have changed over time, and the legal protections these animals do/ don’t have.

Food. There are advertisements all over television about “nutritious” dog/cat food. From meat to vegetable based diets, how can pet owners know what is best for their pet’s health (and what’s worth paying for)? We will look into the science.

Using Pets for Drugs.  Disturbing stories have recently come out about pet owners injuring their animals to get opioid drugs. We will look into why this is occurring and what can be done to help these animals.

Custody Battles. A recent amendment to Alaska divorce law treats pets similar to children, considering what is best for them and not their owners. We’ll look into why this is important and what it could mean to your state.

The Bond. A recent study suggests kids get more satisfaction from relationships with their pets than relationships with their siblings. We’ll look at what makes this bond so special and how parents can help nurture it.

The goal is to aid conversations about our animal companions. Through my posts, I hope to give a deeper look into stories effecting the animal world. If there is something I didn’t mention that you think I should look into, let me know in the comments.


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