Pitbulls-A Synthesis

This week, I saw an article from Wichita, Kansas that interested me. It was about a free spay/neuter program that police are hoping will curb the illegal breeding of pit bulls.


Now, most people either love or hate this breed, and many places consider them to be dangerous dogs, since breeding has led to aggressiveness.


Now, it is not illegal in Wichita to own a pit-bull so long as it’s fixed, but there are several areas where this breed seems targeted by restrictions. (You can find out the breed restrictions in your state here.)


So, pit bulls are dangerous, right? Well, according to a study analyzed by Nathan Winograd, pit-bull adoption bans do not decrease the number of dog bites. However, the bans do end up euthanizing dogs in the area since they cannot find a home.


Recently, The Poodle and Dog Blog shared a story about a “vicious” pit-bull reunited with his owner when a police officer showed compassion for him.


Underdogged is a blog centered on the love of a pit-bull.


So, maybe we should take another look at these dogs. Perhaps, instead of assuming they’re dangerous, we should focus on the personality of the individual dog.


For more information on the pit-bull, click here.


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