Have you found your puppy love?

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s (or Single’s Awareness) Day. While it can be hard to find someone compatible with you, it can also be hard to find your pet match as well.

giphy.gifFrom breed to individual personality, it can be hard to know if you’ll get along with the animal you are adopting. However, one Texas animal shelter is making things easier with their matchmakers.

Austin Pets Alive! is a no-kill shelter that cater’s to animals not likely to be adopted (due to breed, age, or disease.) Their matchmakers (some volunteer, some employee) help to match potential owners with the right animal, though that animal may make a great first impression.

Dogs and cats can become stressed in the shelter environment, and this effects their behavior. While no kill shelters help decrease euthanization of “unworthy” strays, animals can stay for years because of behavior.

Behavioral research has shown that it’s hard to know if a troubled animal will keep a behavior displayed in the shelter at home.

Part of this is due to dogs and cats’ ability to pick up on cues from humans and other animals which effect personality.

Matchmaking programs can help individuals focus on the personality of different animals and figure out the best type of people and situations would be right for them.

Austin Pets Alive! has had numerous success stories with their matchmaking program, with happy pets and happy humans.

So, if your looking for your true love, maybe find a matchmaker.



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