Are you hurting them?

Through my early years, I always saw dogs with a collar being walked. It wasn’t until recently that dog harness were brought into the spotlight. So, other than placement, is one really better than the other?

Most people would automatically say, yes. If not applied properly, collars can choke a dog. Harness give more support and less restriction with the least. Right?

According to Harmony Animal Hospital, harnesses can also be great training tools. However, they can be more uncomfortable at first. They recommend starting harness use as a puppy.

However, both the Humane Society and the American Kennel Club agree that collars can be a fine solution for both dog and owner.

There are multiple types of collars that, if fitted correctly (you can easily slip two fingers under it at all times) , work well for pets.

Standard Flat Collar
head halter

Both groups suggest the standard flat collar. Its sturdy thin, around the dog’s neck but also big enough to keep it from easily sinking into the skin.

Another suggested collar is the head halter, which include a muzzle loop, and the martingale which is meant for dogs with narrower necks, like the greyhound.

Martingale Collar

If used correctly, these collars work well and can be much simpler than a harness. The linked AKC site does also list some training collars that the Humane Society does not condone. So, do your research and use your best judgement.

At least you need not worry for taking the easy road.


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