Chimps in the Capital

images.jpgOfficials in Arlington, Virginia are deciding whether they will amend a policy to prohibit some exotic animals such as large snakes from being in community homes.

Those owning chimps, snakes, alligators, etc. already will be allowed to stay, but no new exotic pets will be welcome.

There aren’t many places that allow exotic pets. Many states have cracked down due to multiple incidents of the animals threatening their owners, friends, and neighbors.

These animals are not often or easily domesticated, and need to be specifically bred with less aggressive traits.

Exotic pets can be easily purchased online. It’s strange to think that animals typically only seen in the wild or zoo are able for purchase. Many see it as cruel to own them, and it can be crueler to release them.

However, the tradition of owning these animals goes far back in history.

While some are drawn to owning these creatures due to their uniqueness. Others fear that being near them, especially in an urban are such as Arlington can endanger everyone.

Arlington officials will take public opinions of the policy change on March 18th.





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