Help! My Cat Is Losing Their Claws!

If you’re the owner of cat, you’ll likely being finding plenty of shed fur throughout the house. However, on occasion, you may find something a little more unsettling…


claw sheath

I’ve owned cats all my life, but only in recent years have I discovered these “claws” around the house. I’ve checked my cats paws to make sure they’re not missing any, and when they weren’t, I began to wonder if cats somehow shed their claws. And I haven’t been the only one.

Turns out: yes, they do. Well,  he sheath of their claws that it.

In an article of VetStreet, Dr. Roy Brenton Smith, DVM, explains that the worn sheaths come off when the claw has grown beyond the blood supply. This allows a sharper, newer version of the claw to take its place.

While this may not be best for your furniture or you, it’s important to remember that claws are important for defense and social protocols. They are a part of an their identity, and are important to keep healthy.

Unless, of course, your cat is declawed, which is a discussion for another day.

Regardless, finding cat claw sheaths are no big deal. Click here for tips on how to keep your claws healthy.


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