You gotta bag it up, baby! A.K.A. why you want to be a responsible dog owner

Anyone had that neighbor at some point in their life? The neighbor whose dog poops in your yard, but they don’t clean it off, so you’re beautiful green grass is tainted by the glorious site of dog droppings?

Yeah? Me too.

My problem has always been that I never knew what neighbor it was and even if I did, I’d probably be too timid to say anything.

However, some aren’t that afraid to make a point:

This Barkpost article highlights how some are taking a stand against this act, including this gem:

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 7.11.35 PM.png
Original Source Here

Not picking up the poop is not just an annoyance for humans, but could be a danger for pets.

Dogs tend smell, roll-in and will even eat the feces of other dogs. This can lead to several dangerous diseases, some of which can be spread to humans.

One of the diseases is Parvo, which can be deadly and difficult to get rid of. Dogs can shed this virus before its discovered they have it.

Petpooskiddo has a list of common reasons dog owners do not pick up after themselves, and solutions, which help keep the area clean and safe.

If you choose to go against these tips, you could be breaking the law!

Multiple cities, including News York and Los Angeles have laws against not cleaning up after your dog, charging possibly hundreds of dollars in fines to offenders.

So, owners, let’s all be responsible, because poop is serious, not just seriously annoying.


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