Is your dog or cat ready for the skies?

Credit: Incirlik Air Base

Ah, summer will soon be upon us, which means, days off, sun, and, of course, vacations!

If you plan to travel by plane with your pet, the airport experience can be much more stressful (for all parties involved). It’s important to know the options, risks, and necessities of taking your furry friend to the skies.

Health Requirements

  • For dogs and cats, most airlines require an up-to-date health certificate from your veterinarian. It’s important that you and the airline know your pet is healthy enough to make the trip, as their bodies are also effected by travel.
  • Airlines also tend to require proof of an up-to-date rabies vaccine.
  • Pets can become anxious when flying. Some pet parents will use sedatives to calm them. However, these can cause nausea, so it’s important to talk to your vet about what’s best for them.
  • Sometimes an empty tummy can be beneficial.
  • For short-nosed dogs (such as a pug), careful consideration must be taken before a flight, as the change in pressure can make it difficult to breathe.



It’s important to check with your vet and airline to exact requirements for a flight. As with normal air travel, preparation is key.




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