We’re Not Crazy!!! You can talk to your pet.

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I’ve never seen talking to your pet as weird. Sure, I don’t do it much around company. But when we’re alone, my cat and I have full on conversations. Pets are good listeners.

Apparently, though, there is a name for the “condition” of talking to your pets. Care.com recently did an article on anthropomorphism.

Don’t fret, fellow inter-species conversationalists! It actually means we’re intelligent!

In an article in Quartz, Professor Nicholas Epley says “Historically, anthropomorphizing has been treated as a sign of childishness or stupidity, but it’s actually a natural byproduct of the tendency that makes humans uniquely smart on this planet.”

Basically, we have the ability to recognize that we have a mind and are looking for them in others. From our pets, to cars and other inanimate objects, this phenomenon is primal and  shows active and intelligent social cognition. 

Unlike a car, dogs can recognize tones of voice and emotions, and I would argue my cat does too. So they very well may get the importance of what you’re saying. Not mention, they don’t judge (as far as we know).

Take comfort if you talk to your pet that you’re mind is intelligent. Though, let’s face it. I would still talk to my cat whether or not I was crazy.


One thought on “We’re Not Crazy!!! You can talk to your pet.

  1. I had no idea that’s why we see faces in everything! I can definitely see why. I’m not much of a pet person so sometimes I’ll talk to myself, but talking to something alive might make me feel a little less weird about it. Good post!


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