Animals are a vital part to many aspects of life, though you may not realize it. From service dogs trained to assist those with disabilities to the dogs from movies that bring us joy, pets have a large impact on our lives whether they belong to us or not.

Our Family Dog, Slowy.

Throughout the years there has been debate after debate on what rights these precious companions have, what is best for them, and how to enjoy animals while respecting their well-being. 2017 is no exception.

This blog focuses on the issues in the United States surrounding our companions that effect everyone, whether you own a companion or not. We will exam the ethics of our laws and practices, as well as their current impact on dogs, cats, birds, and fish all over the country. Let’s create a better communities for men and women’s best friends.

Rachel Brosky is a senior journalism major at West Virginia University that has studied behavioral science in dogs, tamed stray cats and has a passion for all the animal world has to offer.